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Asylum Links is a voluntary organisation which seeks to increase and improve access to information about asylum, housing, livelihoods and healthcare in Europe and the Middle East, through the sharing of information with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in camps and urban areas.

We piloted a program offering asylum information in the Calais Jungle in May 2016. We directly distributed information to an estimated 18,000 people throughout northern Greece and Athens region. For more than a year now we have been working with people seeking protection in Greece, France, Serbia and the UK. In October 2017 we are starting in Iraqi Kurdistan and Italy.

We are constantly looking for volunteers who have some time to join our group. Even two hours per week, from wherever you are, would make a big difference for our clients. If you have more time you can come in and help us to coordinate this growing organisation.

Please refer to this introductory document about our work and contact us at facebook.com/asylumlinkseu , contact the m.me/asylumlinkseu on Messenger. Or write us an email at recruitment@asylumlinks.eu

Thank you for support!

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