Asylum seekers support – UK

Asylum seekers in the UK will not be permitted for paid work until their asylum claim been approved and they granted refugee status.

How to survive this period:

The immigration system provides some financial and hosing support for asylum seeker before they granted leave to remain in the country.

Financial support:

When you claim asylum in the UK, you will not be able to proceed with any paid jobs. yet you will have options of receiving benefits as some basic money and accommodation from the authorities.

You will be given an allowance weekly equivalent of £5 a day to cover your expense of food, transportation, clothing, connectivity etc..

Accommodation support:

The housing benefit will cover everything relevant to the accommodation as space, furniture, electricity, gas and other amenities might be available such as cutleries and washing facilities as well.

Asylum seekers will be staying usually in temporary accommodation before they move to their permanent place. The time frame on this period isn’t scheduled usually and depends on the availability as the housing service for Asylum seekers facilitated by private companies as contractors with the Immigration authorities.

As soon as you claim asylum you will be either placed in a Hostel, Hotel, Temporary shared house or permanent place where you will not be moving to another one. If the accommodation is temporary, you will be informed and some time will be told when you will be moving yet not guaranteed or set rule. for some cases, you will have to contact the organization that responsible for the Asylum seekers benefits Migrant Help.

You’re eligible for the help if you could prove that you don’t have enough money or anyone supporting you in the UK you will also need to mention that if you know someone in the UK they’re not able to support you with accommodation or any financial assistance and usually the cases aren’t complicated. Migrant help caseworkers will collect information such as reference number of your case that was given by the home office then you will have proceeded to the system. It will not take too long for you to receive the letters with the confirmation of the benefit or payment card. If it took longer than expected make sure to follow up with migrant help over the phone or reach the accommodation office immediately and inform them on this matter.

The official support doesn’t cover your transportation or any additional costs that you might need extra on your basic needs of food and shelter. However, there are many community support centres, charities and organizations that work on communities support including asylum seekers and refugees.

Are you into cycling for transportation? The Bike Project it’s a community project that provides a bicycle for free for asylum seekers and refugees. Asylum seekers will not be expected to move all over the country. Therefore, there’s no support for transportation. If you will join a local college or classes of language or voluntary work most of these bodies provide transportations support also that depends on the organization.

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