IM JANA…  I want to talk about my experience with IDP

IM JANA… I want to talk about my experience with IDP

I’m Jana…
I want to talk about my experience with IDP[s (Internally Displaced People)]

As you know, in 2014 isis destroyed the property of the citizens, so they fled to nearby safe areas when I was working with an international organization.

We visited the Hassan Shami camp, between Mosul and Erbil. I saw citizens who were starving, some of them exhausted, looking for food and medical aid, waiting for visitors to complain about their tragedies and suffering, some of them dropped out of school and left everything with their money and possessions.
The new camps were also built and the dilapidated tents repaired.

As for the entry of IDPs into the city / Erbil was [on] the way. [It was] Slightly difficult for them because of the lack of money to buy as well as hospitals within the city was expensive treatment fees. 
So many cases were exacerbated due to lack of provision of appropriate conditions for treatment.

Most of the tents were drowned by rainwater tents, with food and blankets.
In addition to the insects and diseases prevalent among the children of the camp/

Hasan Shami Camp, May 2017

There were also many burns In the camp because the oil used was not good where it was. 
The tents are burning and the families and children are burning and dying. Some of them are deformed. In most cases, there is no cure. Medical and psychological treatment of these unfortunate cases. 
We can imagine the amount of grief and psychological devastation, the hopes and the future are shattered.

There was some help from neighbors to provide a new tent, after the first [ones] burned but this is not enough for them.

When Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) [started operations] in a hospital in Mosul, [that] provided some job opportunities inside the hospital for displaced people from the eastern part of the city: as nurses, cleaners and guards for the hospital. So I suggest that this assistance [could] be expanded to include places outside Hospitals, in cooperation with the government.

Well, in my opinion, children should be given classes to compensate for their previous school. If not, the result will be an ignorant people and life will be difficult for them.
Good jobs should also be provided to these people to help their families.

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