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Documentation for all volunteers is on

O C Gonzales @ocvisual

If you can donate from 2 to 8 hours per week, you are going to make a relevant difference for the migrants and refugees who contact us, our clients. You will directly answer their questions and advocate with them.

Do you want to support and act in solidarity with refugees and migrants in Europe, the Middle East, South America and North Africa? Are you compassionate? Do you want to be part of a small international organisation?

If yes, we would like to hear from you. No formal qualifications or previous work experience is required. We’re always recruiting, so please apply as soon as you can.

Placement: London and Istanbul. Remote Online and anywhere we can meet our clients (Athens, Erbil, Belgrade, Paris, Beirut or else)

Roles: Program Management, Advocacy, Fundraising, Casework and Volunteer Management

Years of experience: 0-3 years

Job type: Unpaid activists, we are all volunteers

Hours: 2 hours minimum per week for as long as you want, if you want to be a Coordinator 8 hours minimum per week for at least 3 months, preferably 6 months

Asylum Links is a group of volunteers that supports refugees and migrants in accessing reliable information so they can better defend their rights and have better lives. We do this in in Europe, South America, the Middle East and North Africa. Our Asylum Links’ Facebook pages, the centres of our operations, are a space for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers where they find support and share information about asylum, housing, healthcare, education and protection.

We share official or trusted documentation with refugees and migrants so they can understand what are their options. We find for our clients local services which can specifically consider their case and we make sure that they get in contact with each other. We work mainly online and if necessary we also meet our clients wherever they are. If our clients are not happy with what the qualified person told them, we find somebody else. We also advocate with our clients and witness their living conditions.

We DO NOT give advice on anything, we just give information and support finding advice.

We need people who is compassionate and have time to listen to refugees and migrants, our clients. If you are compassionate and have the time please consider volunteering online with us. It is a very hard job but it will also be very rewarding and yes it makes a great difference for some of our clients.



    • basic written English, so you can have a basic text or online communications with all other volunteers 
    • be able to be online sometimes every week either via computer or via phone
    • self-sufficient
    • self-motivated
    • compassionate
    • sociable and friendly
    • motivated and relentless, so you will be able to successfully advocate for our clients
    • effective communicator online and able to distance work
    • have time to volunteer, as a volunteer you will work a minimum of 2 hours per week. If you want to coordinate, you will work a minimum of 8 hours per week for at least 3 months. All very flexible.
    • absolute confidentiality about the content you’ll interact with


    • interested in migration or international development or human rights
    • some experience of places where our clients live: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Lebanon or else.
    • some language skills relevant to our work: Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, French, Bengali, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Greek or else.

AL volunteers come in two flavours, activists, and coordinators, in both roles your responsibilities can be: casework, campaigns, advocacy/solidarity, research and some little fundraising and recruitment.

Activists answer questions that come through our Facebook pages and direct people to services ( medical, employment, legal and housing ) where they can get further support. We also advocate with UNHCR, Government Officials and Camp Managers and field workers about living conditions in different sites. We do reach hundreds of clients everyday with our information campaigns. Right now we are around 15 volunteers, from Europe, and the Middle East, but soon we want to grow to 50 or more volunteers, so we can expand our operations.

As a coordinator, you will spend some of your time working together with other volunteers and supporting them. You will spend rest of your time running our operations collectively with us, doing actions for our clients and for all volunteers.

You’ll receive guidance and constant support throughout your time volunteering with us. You will have the chance to experiment all your ideas in any aspects of running a small international organisation. We try to create a comfortable online space where everyone can express their ideas, that means you are welcome to talk to any volunteer you feel like you need to talk.

If you would like to volunteer with us, message us on our FB page, asylumlinks, or, if you can’t, email us on You can ask us any question to better understand about our work.

You will have a training period from two to six weeks long , depending on how free you are to work with us, during which you can understand if this is something you would like to do. And after that you will have a conversation with one of us on whether you can be part of our group.

We are a group of volunteers, nobody gets paid and we all donate our time, so thank you!

Documentation for all volunteers is on

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