Healthcare Facilities in any Country is determined by few parameters like Accessibility, High Infrastructure,  Advanced Medical Technology, Better Care,  Qualified Doctors ,you name it, UAE has it all. There are two options, Government Hospitals and Private Hospitals. In UAE, Government Hospitals have better care facilities than Private Hospitals unlike in India.  The Emergency conditions are really convenient and are free of cost, any critical Emergency can be tackled as there are Special lanes for Ambulances and every means of transport available to deport the patient to the Hospital.

Treatment is World class as the doctors are well qualified. The Doctors have to pass the National level Test in order to start practice or to start their career in UAE. Only if they pass the test, they are enrolled .There are 200 plus experts of Doctors with Specialization from all over the World. Indians being more in number, there are various Insurance schemes that a working Indian Individual can avail. More information can be checked out at the below specified links.

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Although, if there is no emergency, and a person has to have a General checkup the cost is much expensive than in India, 100times more than India we could say. It's because of the obvious reasons of the Facilities Provided in both the sectors of  Hospitals, Government and Private.

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