How can Indian Nationals visit UAE for the first time.


    Dubai is one of the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates with the wonderful architecture of the buildings all over, most famous being the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest(829.8m) building in the world.

    For an Indian National to visit Dubai, the foremost requirement is the visitor VISA which you should make with the help of travel agencies by providing valid passport along with the required documents. Plan your visit in a good weather as it’s the hottest country which sees rainy and winter season only during the months of October to April. If you want the flights at much flexible rates, then book your tickets 4 to 6 months before your visit. Browse through the internet regarding the booking of hotels depending upon your choice as Dubai has many luxurious hotels which are booked well in advance. The currency of UAE is dirham (Dhs or DH) which is currently equivalent to 18.89 Indian Rupee. There are many exchange offices where you can avail the currency of UAE in case you have to use Public Transports (Remember there is no PayTM in Dubai so you should have your Card or Cash in your pocket!). There are two network carriers in UAE: Du and Etisalat, in case you need SIM for internet access in your mobile, you can buy one among these two. Dubai has week off on Friday unlike Sunday in India as it’s a holy day for Muslims and Friday prayer is of significantly higher importance. The dresses should be modest while visiting the areas near or in the Mosque and should not be too tight, short, or sheer. While packing, make sure you do not carry any homemade food items, medicines which are not allowed inside the country. Language is not much a problem as English is the most communicative language there. Apart from trying their local food (which you should must!) if you crave for Indian cuisine, there is plenty of Indian (North and South) Restaurants in which you can hop on.
    If you visit UAE in the month of Ramadan, make sure you respect the Muslims and their practice of fasting by refraining from eating, drinking, smoking in public areas. Before clicking any pictures of or with a stranger never forget to take permission from them. Drinking Alcohol in Public is prohibited in Dubai though Alcohol is legal and you can purchase it though permit from the established licensed shop.
    These were the few points to keep in mind while visiting Dubai, hope this helps. Enjoy your visit to the fullest!

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